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Monday, May 20, 2013

On the Road With a Briefcase Full of Paper

Hubby and I are taking a break from working around the house for a couple of days. We decided to head up to Frankfort, Kentucky and use that as our base of operations for touring the, errrr ... ummm... distilleries. Yes, we hopped on the Bourbon Trail!

We first introduced ourselves to bourbon almost 10 years ago on a trip from Michigan. We took the self-guided tour at the Jim Beam distillery and thus began our love affair with bourbon. We even became Bourbon snobs.

We made the same stop Sunday, and were amazed at the changes. We even introduced ourselves to the Red Stag Honey Tea bourbon. Yum. Tomorrow? Woodford Reserve. Maybe even Heaven's Hill.

I feel a great affinity for the bourbon distillers of yester year, since half of dad's family came from Kentucky. I always feel right at home researching in Kentucky, digging up those family trees.

As for that briefcase full of paper? Maybe I'll work on some of the stuff I dragged down with me, maybe not!

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