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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Too-Too Thursday - Catching Up

We were only gone two nights and three days, yet it seems like everything has backed up and I am playing catch-up with chores around the house. DH has been busy in the garage and outside, and we both are being foiled by the rain. Usually, we get two days of rain and one nice day, followed by two or three more days of rain. It's great for the bushes and trees and grass ... er clover and crabgrass, but not so great for getting things accomplished. Trying to get laundry and house back up to snuff.

Our cat, Mouse, has discovered playing with her food. Southpaw that she is, she dips her paws in her canned cat food, picks it up and eats it that way. If a particular morsel doesn't interest her, she leaves it on the floor. Yesterday, I caught her using her water bowl as a finger .. um .. paw bowl. No kidding, she would dip her paw in and then lick it. First one paw, then the other. I half expected the little darling stinker to take a bath in it.

Then there are the piles of stuff on my desk, printouts, copies, etc., that need tending to. Maybe tomorrow.

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