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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I Asked For?

I mentioned yesterday that I was having a hard time sitting down in my office and working. Well, be careful what you ask for, because I did sit down in the afternoon and think I found another of my DH's family - his direct paternal line - in Cook county, Illinois.

I would love to see his death certificate -- IF it has his parents' names. I did not find him after 1900, presumed he was dead and then found someone who might have been him dying in 1935. Same month and year of birth. So I went back to Ancestry and looked at the record. Frustration! The record lists Thomas Kruszka and Josephine Skibinska as the parents of Thomas. Wrong. His wife was Josephine Skibinska. I see this so often on death records that I could spit!

So, his widow is not a widow in 1910. Divorce? Separation? Sigh. Who knows.

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