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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Thoughts for the Day -- What's in a Nickname?

I was watching the President of the United States conferring the Medal of Honor on two late World War I soldiers. Talk about waiting for a long time for the honor. In it, POTUS referred to Henry Johnson as Frank. What the heck? I would expect him to be referred to as Hank. It got me thinking.

You see, every one called my dad Hank. He often received mail addressed to Henry Percival. But his name wasn't Henry. It was Frank. Dad told me once that his brother who 4 years old when dad was born, had trouble with Frank, so he was Hank forever more. Although, I never remember my uncle or grandfather calling him Hank.

My father-in-law was known to nephews and nieces as Uncle Benny. Other family members called him Ben. Friends called him Lefty. Well, his name wasn't Benjamin. It was Bernard. I never could find a reason for that nickname!

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