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Friday, June 19, 2015

You Know It's an Addiction When ...

DH and I bought a piece of property this week. Well, we closed on it anyway. It's way out in Macon county. Well, it's about an hour away. This is for younger daughter and her man.

Our agent sent us some  papers - warranty deeds - for past owners. Going back to 1877 when Marshall Duncan transferred the property to his son, J. F.

I'm a genealogist, of course I went looking for them. The best hits were on the the Tennessee genweb, which surprised me. I found the cemetery where the Duncans are buried. It's on the old farm. They showed a picture of the house -- big surprise we pass it every time we drive out there.

The land was in the family at least from 1877 when it was transferred to Joseph F Duncan from his father. It passed out of family hands in 2001. Impressive!

I love this addiction!

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