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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

If They Can't Read It?

 I found this page (The Basia Project) as a link on the Poznan Project. The Basia Project is wonderful for looking up indexed records, mainly because there is a link to the scan of the actual record. And they aren't limited to just marriage records like the Poznan Project. It includes birth, baptism, marriage and death records, both church and civil records.

I found a marriage record for Anna Klijewska, daughter of Leon Klijewski and Appolonia Pilarska. It sort of blew me away since I never found a birth record for her. Anna married Valentin Jednoral, or maybe General or Genczal or Jednoralski. I'm not really too sure because who can read the darn record, and obviously the indexer can't! And I thought Ancestry's indexing was the worst.

The sampling is rather limited at this time, but who knows when the information will show up that you need.

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  1. Well, I do think Basia is a volunteer thing, so we shouldn't complain too much :)
    The thing I loved about it is the geographical search. It really helped me find my ancestors in Poznan.