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Monday, September 20, 2010

Isn't That What It's All About?

Cleveland Newspaper circa Sept 20 1914
Do you ever read any of the new blogs over at Geneabloggers? I read one over the weekend My Genealogy Family by Susan Hill Bonko.

What caught my eye was the fact that she was from Cleveland. I have had a few connections to Cleveland, but none of them Italian. Mine were German - Knost (KAnost) and Scots (Maitland). It is the Maitland connection in Cleveland I want to talk about. Jesse Stanhope Maitland was the son of John Skirving Maitland and Laura Goodale. John was a brother of my great-great grandfather, Alexander Maitland of Missouri via Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The story is that the Maitlands emigrated to Canada where they endured great hardships. Alexander spent some time in the mines in Colorado before eventually heading back to Missouri where he met and married Mary G. Oliphant and where they spent the rest of their lives.

John Skirving Maitland suffered an untimely death from typhoid in Pawnee City Nebraska. His son, Jesse, was four at the time of his father's death. I have no idea how he ended up in Cleveland. Some years ago this article came into my hands from one of Jesse Maitland's descendants.You will have to click on the image to read what remains of it, use your browser's back button to return to this page.

From research at, I have deduced that Major A. H. Maitland died September 16, 1914. Since my ancestor Alexander Maitland was the older brother, I would have thought that the title would default to him and his sons first. This article was sent to me by a descendant of Jesse Maitland - thanks Janie.

At any rate, this is what genealogy is all about, getting our names and research interests out there so that we can find other people researching our lines.

In the meantime I keep looking for mention of this in the newspapers of September 1914 so that the parts that are missing can be included.

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