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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sometimes It is Scary!

DH and I are in Kentucky for a couple days of research before heading home to middle Tennessee. Because so many of my dad's line lived in the Lexington, Kentucky area for a while, we picked up a copy of the Herald-Leader. After I waded through the Michael's ads and started to settle in, I asked DH to save me the obituary page, telling him I might find something there.

Well, by now I am sure you know where this is headed. Yes, I found an obituary for a line allied with my Chinn line - David Morton Trapp. Turns out he was my second cousin twice removed. He was the grandson of Joseph Trapp and Hester Chinn. Hester was the youngest daughter of Dr. Joseph Graves Chinn and Barbara Garland Graves, my great-great-great grandparents.

So yes, I've copied and pasted his obituary into my genealogy program, sourced it to the Herald-Leader and will scan the obit when I get home.

Do you check local newspapers when you are traveling?

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  1. I once went to visit some friends in Okemos, MI, and glanced through the paper while a football game was on. There, I saw an engagement announcement for a young woman who had been one of my roommatse at MSU for a grand total of 3 months, 10 years earlier.