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Friday, November 25, 2011

Taking A Deep Breath

Whew! Thanksgiving day is done for another year! I can't believe how much was accomplished beforehand that had no bearing on Thanksgiving. Most of my Christmas shopping is done (I find that quite shocking) and everything that I've brought home is wrapped. The Christmas cards are made, stuffed, addressed, stamped, sorted and ready to go in today's mail.

I spent one day dealing with trying to get an upgrade to my My Memories Suite scrapbook software uploaded. Uh, yeah, if I knew I was going to download at a snail's pace, I would have hooked up to the cable and downloaded it. Now that is done too.

The only time I looked at Ancestry in the last few days was to look at a message board notice. I haven't been over to Family Search in a while either. I did, however, download a couple death records from the Seeking Michigan. Not that I've done anything with them yet. But now that I can take a deep breath, maybe I can get some data entry done.

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