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Friday, February 12, 2016

What's that name again?

Ever go looking for information on someone and not find anything beyond the last census you found her on (1900) with her family? No marriage record, no death record, nothing.

Then I realized I had never pulled census subsequent to 1900. Duh. 

You can see that I've indicated on both census records which child I am referring to. In 1900 she is listed as Laura B. Demoss. Which may have indeed been her name. But in 1910 she is Lala B. Demoss.

Then I went looking again for a marriage record. First, you'll notice that the 1900 and 1910 census were in Grand Pass Twp, Saline county, Missouri and Mayview, Lafayette county, Missouri. They're about 40 miles apart in today's miles.

I did find a marriage record for a Lolla Belle Demoss who married an Ernest Powell. They married in Boone county, Missouri in 1913.  Now Columbia, Missouri in Boone county is 87 miles from Mayview. This was 1913. I'm not sure why either one was in Columbia, even though it is the home of University of Missouri. Ernest was, after all, a farmer. But, they are both listed as residents of Odessa, Lafayette County, Missouri! They lived in Washington Township in 1920 - with his parents - and in 1930 on their own with their own children.

Being the persistent researcher that I am I kept looking. I eventually traced them to Colorado in 1940. They were buried in Cortez, Colorado in 1966 (Ernest) and 1973 (Lollabelle.)

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