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Monday, June 28, 2010

Relatively Speaking, Cousins That Blog

Before my wonderful DH and I packed up the car, the laptop, the cemetery kit and to-do lists and hauled off to Lexington for some research, I had the following conversation with the Wild Ones about publishing:

Me:   Have any of you obtained an ISBN for the books you've published?

Them: No.

Then the discussion got into whether or not I was self-publishing or whether I would have someone print for me. Thank heaven for these women, because they reminded me of something I had forgotten - INKJET ink is NOT WATERPROOF.

I am so glad that they reminded me of that because I was thinking of printing a couple quick copies to take with me on the trip to share with family members. They advised me of how awful it would be something was spilled on something I had put so much work into and ruined it. Whew! Of course, unless I get my rear in gear and proofread all those letters, I won't have to worry about having it printed before I leave.

So until then, I remain the only Wild One who has not published!

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  1. I'm hoping I was one of those family members who is getting a copy. I'm even willing to reimburse you...