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Friday, June 4, 2010

Taking a Deep Breath

The death certificates are done! Wahoo! Now I only have birth records, marriage records, census ... yeah, you get my drift.

It's funny how real life pokes at you and reminds you to take care of business around the house like laundry and groceries and cleaning and dealing with a cable TV problem. Most of it is resolved, but have to deal yet with a remote control that doesn't work right.

Unfortunately, not much is getting done on the outside due to either lots of rain or extreme heat. I missed spring this year, we maybe had two weeks of it before summer set in.

I sent for a couple of Ohio death certificates to the Special Collections Department at the Akron-Summit county public library over the holiday weekend. This morning I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of said death certificates with invoice in my email box. Both of these death certificates were in the index at the pilot family search site, but the images were not available. I try to keep a list of the ones I can't find and then spend the dough to get them. Really for $1 service charge and 5 cents per copy, I can afford it. It's such a great service that I wish more libraries would initiate. Talk about fast turn-around time!

Hope your research is going as well!

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