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Monday, June 21, 2010

We're Back! Much Success on Research Trip and Even Some Surprises!

Wow, it was great to get away for a couple nights. Despite the incident with the elevator, DH and I had a great time just being together. I didn't get as much time at the library as I wanted. Lexington city streets and sidewalks are undergoing a massive renovation in preparation for the upcoming Equestrian Games. It sure made the idea of walking to lunch anywhere nearby nearly impossible. So after just a few hours, I packed it in at the library and we went in search of lunch. We did find a great place called Old Chicago where we enjoyed a veggie pizza and Bluegrass Brewing Company's Barbarian Honey Ale. It was a nice change of pace beer that wasn't overly sweet and had a great finish.

We think we saved a fortune on meals by having our heavy meal late in the afternoon and being too full for dinner. Whatever, it really was nice to be some place different.

Friday morning, we checked out and headed to the cemetery. Lexington Cemetery has the remains of a lot of my ancestors and I found some I had not expected to find. Previously I thought that the stones for William and Nancy T. (Parker) Bowman were not there. I performed some magic and got readable photos of the stones. I also found Nancy's parents stones by accident, as they are not in the cemetery's online database. John Parker & Isabella Todd are my great-great-great-great grandparents. We chose three contiguous sections, D, H and I. Most of the stones in section D that I wanted were the raised letter type and wouldn't even accept chalk. Some were so overgrown with moss and lichen that I would have needed to sandblast them out. But I took pictures anyway.  Some of the moss and lichen grew in the lettering and either totally obliterated what was etched or highlighted it.

I am still missing some stones in section H and might have to revisit that section again. Section I was hugely successful because I found every stone in that section I was looking for and the aforementioned Parker-Todd stones.

It's great to be back and I am happy to be transcribing the newspaper articles and linking the headstone photos and posting them on Find-A-Grave.

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