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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Was Nice While It Lasted

We here in mid-Tennessee have been having some phenomenally beautiful weather lately. In fact, it is hard to believe it is late October. Earlier in the month we had a couple nights where we had to run the heat because it went below 40, but since then we have been toughing it out. The bad thing about the last 30 days is that we have had very little rain. Earlier on Sunday, while DH and I took a walk it was windy enough that acorns and walnuts falling on some of the tin roofs around here sound like baseballs. I'm thinking a hard hat would be nice to have on some of our walks.

Looks like that is changing and we are finally getting some rain. Hope it tamps down the fire warnings we have been getting.

I was thinking what it was like 100 years ago for my various ancestors. The Percivals in Missouri were no longer farmers, Great-Grandpa John "Henry" Percival by this time was a traveling salesman and sold plumbing supplies. The Zimmeths in Michigan were still farmers. At least my great-grandfather was. While most of the kids had either died or flown the coop, daughter Josephine brought her husband to live with the family along with their six kids; son George with his wife and son Leo, daughter Rose - a typist for a publishing company and son Joseph, yet unmarried all lived with the family. So I am sure in October of 1910, they were all busy putting up the crops, canning and preserving for the winter. The Zimmeths resided near the eastern shore of Lake Huron and I can bet their falls were spectacular. I hope they had the time to enjoy them.

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  1. It's been a dreary wet week in Northern VA too.
    It is easy to get spoiled. :-)