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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thriller thursday - The Drowning of David Barrow

The accidental drowning of a young man is reported in The Lexington (Kentucky) Herald of July 27, 1914. This is a line collateral to the Bowmans.


Found Five Miles From the Point in Lake Michigan Where Popular Lexington Boy Lost Life.


Brother Will Bring the Body Home Tuesday for the Final Tribute.

After a search of twelve days the body of David Barrow, Jr., who was drowned in Lake Michigan, near Ludington, Mich., was found early Sunday morning by the life savers patrol about five miles from the point at which he lost his life. Mr. Barrow, the son of Dr. David Barrow, was rowing in a canoe near Ludington with E. C. Leavenworth, July 14, when the canoe capsized.  Mr. Leavenworth decided to swim to the shore for help leaving Mr. Barrow clinging to the canoe. But when Mr. Leavenworth returned with a boat Mr. Barrow had disappeared from sight.

The alarm was given immediately and the beach was patrolled for fifty miles, but the searchers were unsuccessful until Sunday morning.

Brother Reports Finding Body.

Mr. Barrow's brother, Dr. Woolfolk Barrow, and his brother-in-law, commissioner of Public Safety Waller B. Hunt, went to Ludington the day after the accident, but Mr. Hunt returned to Lexington several days ago with the word that the body had not been found, but that all were hopeful that it would come to the surface soon.

Dr. Woolfolk Barrow remained at Ludington and early Sunday morning he sent his father the following telegram:

"Ludington, Mich., July 26, 1914.

Dr. David Barrow, Lexington, Ky.

"Dave's body was found this morning."


Body Will Be Brought Home.

The body will be brought to Lexington by Dr. Woolfolk Barrow Tuesday and will be interred in the family lot in the Lexington Cemetery.

The death of David Barrow, Jr. caused wide-spread sorrow in Lexington, where he was born 19 years ago and where he had lived all his life. He was a young man of sterling qualities, an able student, a promising athlete and a most lovable youth.

When it became known yesterday that the body had been found many persons called The Herald for details of the discovery and expressed relief that his body had been recovered.

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  1. Hmm. Curious why the "friend" didn't let David hold on to the side of his craft. Sounds like they were out in dangerous water.

  2. Google Ads??? Some-a bigga time blogger, eh?

  3. I love reading your Thriller Thursday posts! They are often sad, but always interesting. Thank you for writing them. Cheers! Jennifer