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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sympathy Saturday - Rev. Antoni Haremza

This is one of DH's line.  Father Haremza was a first cousin three times removed.

Dziennik dla Wszystkich [Everybody's Daily], Buffalo, New York, 1 November 1948.

Reverend Antoni Haremza

On Saturday, October 30, 1948 at 3:30 pm, the late Reverend Antoni F. Haremza son of the late Jozef and Jozefa (Siekierski).

The late Reverend Antoni was born in Poland and at the time of his death he was 63 years old.  He belonged to an Association of Polish Priests.

His body will be taken from home located at 31 Easton St. by Bailey Avenue on Tuesday at 3:30 pm to the Saint Jan Kanty Church at 4 pm.

The funeral will be held Wednesday, November 3, at 10 am at Saint Jan Kanty Church and then will proceed to the Saint Stanislaw BM Cemetery.

All relatives and friends are cordially invited to attend by the grieving family members.

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