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Monday, May 2, 2011

Keep On Slogging Along

I am reaping - or suffering depending on my point of view at the time - the rewards of all my hard work a couple weeks ago. Yes, I am still working on those piles. But as I mentioned to Michelle Goodrum of Turning of Generations, for every piece of paper I enter and discard, I seem to find three more! I don't think I am exaggerating either.

I have several things I want to work on at the moment while some projects really need me to get a shove in my posterior to get working on them again. Why is that? I will admit I love the hunt, and even enjoy entering the information into my genealogy program, sourcing the information and linking images. But sometimes I just hate the transcription. I have several ways to deal with that. One is to use Transcript which is so easy to use, and makes transcription so easy. I never thought of it before, but it reminds me of the program the city of Livonia used to test for Clerk-Typist positions. Another is use to the Windows Speech Recognition program that came pre-installed on my laptop and which I just discovered last year. The third is to just ignore it until my desk is cleared off again. Hmm, maybe I can hire a transcriber?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I can relate deeply to every, single word in this post!!! From the love of the hunt to hating transcribing (I use Transcript too and a speach recognition program). I agree we need to hire someone or wait for our desks to clear themselves off!

  2. I feel your pain on the 1=3 papers phenomenon. I also think it multiplies when the lights are out.

    Can you post a link or some other information about Transcript? I would very much like to see what this is all about.


  3. Jenny, I've blogged about this program in the past, but go to and read all about it!