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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Name is Calista ... or is it Corlista?

With so many sites posting vital records online over the last few years, I will admit to a slight case of Vital Record overload. This is a symptom of my Obsessive Compulsive Family Research disease to be sure. When I finally had access to Massachusetts Vital records I was able to search out many descendants of James Percival who settled in Falmouth, Massachusetts, my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great (yes, that's 8 greats) grandfather.

One person who appears is Calista Matilda Percival, a daughter of Ansel Percival and Sylvia Sellon. Calista was born October 12, 1828 in Amherst, Hampshire, Massachusetts. On October 5, 1846, she married William Allen Thayer in Brattleboro, Vermont. She was easily found on the census from 1850 - 1870. I think I found her in 1880, but by 1900 she had disappeared. Had she died or remarried? Periodically I would search for her, get frustrated and then put that research aside.

While researching her brother, Isaac Leonard Percival over the weekend, I found an obituary for him, which stated that he died at the home of a nephew Byron P. Thayer. Oh, wait, that is the youngest son of Calista & William Thayer. It also listed other living relatives including niece Mrs. George A. Graves of Hartford, Connecticut. Oh, a clue. Well, I knew that Mary Emma Thayer, Calista's daughter married George A. Graves, but George Graves being such a common name, with way too many hits to wade through, I hadn't pursued them. A search of the 1900 Hartford, Connecticut census led to George A. Graves, Mary E. Graves and Corlesta Thayer. So now I had Calista/Corlesta in 1900. A search of the 1910 census did not produce her anywhere under any name.

Many times I had googled her under the name of Calista Thayer, but with no satisfactory results. Then I had the brilliant idea of googling Corlista Thayer. Can we spell BINGO? The first hit was Geer's Hartford City Directory for 1903 and Corlista Thayer was listed in the necrology section as having died March 31, 1903 at the age of 74. If you click on the image below you will see that I combined the explanation from page 479 and page 484 where Corlista/Calista Thayer appears.

Corlista Thayer appears on right

I first wrote about this subject on June 2, 2010. You can read it here.

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