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Monday, May 16, 2011

Totally Random!

Basically I finished most of the pile of stuff I had on my desk and was ready to return to work on the Lexington Cemetery (Kentucky) double-check, add photos and add records to Find-a-Grave when DH and I ordered a bunch of stuff from Lowes here in town. We ordered a work-bench, a fire pit (I’ve wanted one since we moved here), a rug for the living room, an 8-foot stepladder and a Rubbermaid storage shed (NOT the huge one – one to keep things that don’t need to be kept in the garage, like an extra propane tank for the grill, the left over stacked stone from the front of the house and the spreader come to mind.)

Well, the shed hasn’t come yet, but DH and I were in a frenzy of moving stuff around this week. For instance, to make room for the work bench in the garage (no basement here) we had to move a dresser out of there that we were using to store odds and ends. Half of the stuff in there will have to be re-distributed elsewhere. The dresser was getting moved to the store/craft room, so we had to move a shelving unit to the big shed in the yard. And to do that we had to reorganize the shed – all of this in near 90 degree weather with almost a total lack of breeze. I can’t tell you how good it feels to get things organized. The real upside of this is that I am getting a little more organized in that craft/store room. DH and I went a bought a nice 6 foot shelf and now we need the energy to install that before I can totally put that room back together. It will probably give us something to work on during the nasty weather that is in the forecast.

Then, I think I will be finally ready to hang the family photos that have been taking up room in a huge old computer box in the store/craft room. I have the walls all picked out, I just need to lay out the stuff on the craft paper I have and figure out the layout. After that, I will be ready for some serious transcribing.

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