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Friday, June 10, 2011

A New Month

I always look forward to a new month. You never know what new database will spring up on the web, what your next Google search will find or what new cousin will contact you. The anticipation for new databases is always there. Thanks to Family Search, I've been able to access many vital records that I've never had access to before or though I had no reason to search.

At the end of each month, I like to take stock of what I've accomplished through the month and year-to-date. I do set goals and some goals have been hanging around for years. Other goals are sometimes accomplished silently and all but unnoticed. These days anything that gets accomplished around here is cause for celebration. Especially since DH and I did some household pre-organization. We are still recuperating from that - it sent DH into physical therapy - and still have some stuff to finish up. Slowly but surely items are getting ticked off that To-Do list. May was a great month for that, and I hope June shapes up that way too!

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