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Monday, June 13, 2011

Project Progress

I am making some headway around here with some of my projects. Have my storeroom/craft room mostly organized. My DH is currently undergoing some physical therapy for arthritis in his hip and hasn't done anything the last 10 days. It has gotten so hot here - over 90 - and stayed hot that it is hard to accomplish anything outside. Also, the cicadas are ferocious around here. And working in the garage in 90 degree weather is not to be borne!

Instead, I have hung some pictures and worked on some Lexington (Kentucky) Cemetery submissions to Find-A-Grave. This is part of a project I ended up working on because I wanted to make sure that my cemetery plot information was entered into the "place details" section in my RootsMagic 4 database. I figured as long as I was going through that list that I would double check that the people had been entered into the FAG database. I think anything I've photographed over the last two years has been entered, but prior to that I wasn't active on the site. Hopefully, someone will be helped by the information I've added. I've submitted two spreadsheets so far. I will admit, though, that the work is beyond tedious. I would like to get most of this done before I work on any new or finish any other projects. There is just something about these piles sitting on my desk that nag at me!

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  1. So much to do so little time! Do like the photo's in the background & the green! Nice!

  2. Had trouble getting the photos right, but yeah, I like it too!