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Monday, August 29, 2011

Kentucky Wills - Timothy Percival, Sr Settlement

My great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Timothy Percival, died in Boone County, Kentucky June 15, 1815. He didn't leave much. The two things that catch my attention are the watch and the History of New England. Timothy was born in East Haddam, Connecticut. I guess I'll have to dig further into these records!

A list of the property belonging to the Estate of Timothy Percival dec'd appraised by us this 19th day of August 1815.

    One Silver watch appraised to                $20
    Do   Saddle                                            $12
    Do   Horse                                             $50
    Do   Horse                                             $10
    Iron setts of Harness & chains                $12
    One Feather Bed and Furniture              $25
    Three Home made Blankets                   $  6
    3-1/2 pair Sheets                                   $  7
    3        Do   pillow cases and one towel   $  1   75
    5 Small Books                                       $  1
    One History of New England                 $       50
    Do   Patent Spinning Wheel                   $  5
    Do  2 inch Augur                                   $  1
    Do  Adds                                              $  1
    Do  Brass Kettle                                   $   6     
                                                                 $171  25   

                                John Allomay
                                Lawrence Sanford
                                Jacob Piatt

Boone County Court
                    Sept Term 1815

    This Inventory & Appraisement of the Estate of Timothy Percival Senr, dec'd was produced in court examined &  ordered to be Recorded.

        By Virtue whereof I have recorded the Same.
                                    attest            Willis Graves, Clerk

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