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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Planning a Trip

DH and I are planning a trip up north to visit one of his cousins - this one in New York. Every time the DH makes snide remarks about my genealogy passion, I remind him that we found this cousin through my family research.

On the way back, we hope to hit Winchester, Middletown and Strasburg, Virginia. Can we say Belle Grove Plantation?

I emailed an archives in Virginia. I won't say which one, but the email I got back had a bad link - they had the name of the library/archives spelled wrong! And on the attached form for paid research, the email address was spelled wrong. Somehow that really scares me!

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  1. My husband deals with my obsession. Mainly because I am doing a lot of reasearch on his side. My ancestors came over late in the 19th century and his came much earlier.

    He even made a stop at Allegheny County PA city-county building to help me find his great grandmothers second marriage certificate so I could find the name of his 2x great grandparents. He was impressed.