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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sympathy Saturday - Catherine "Kate" Gray Percival and Robert Hemingray Percival

Catherine Percival, nee Gray died on this date in Los Angeles, California. She was born in Kentucky, December 1, 1859 to Anthony & Susan (Carroll) Gray. She was orphaned in 1866 upon the death of her mother; her father died in 1865.

Raised by her uncle Robert Hemingray and aunt Mary (Carroll) Hemingray, she was reared in Covington, Kentucky where she met both of her future husbands.

Husband number one, was my great granduncle, Dr. Herbert Davidson Percival who was living with his Uncle Jabez and aunt Kate (Bush) Percival while he attended medical school with his cousin, Dr. William Bush Percival. William was Kate's second husband.

Kate and Herbert married June 25, 1884 in Covington, Kentucky. Their only child, Robert Hemingray Percival was born June 19, 1885 and died August 7, 1885. By 1890 or so Herbert & Kate were esconced in California. Herbert disappears and Kate marries her husband's cousin, Dr. William Bush Percival as his second wife. Kate died from hypostatic congestion of lungs (hypostatic pneumonia) and was buried at Rosedale Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Her son was buried in Linden Grove Cemetery, in Covington, Kentucky.

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