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Monday, December 19, 2011

Making Progress

I am AMAZED that I am making any headway on my family database this close to Christmas. I've worked on some Christmas crafts that are gifts (enough said) and wrapped everything. I have one stocking stuffer to get yet, if I can find what I want and now am working on the death certificates I've accumulated over the past year. When I name the files for saving, I name them:  MO-DC William P Smith. If there is more than one William Smith in my database it might read thus: MO-DC William P Smith-Buchanan - for the county. Or I might stick the year on the end. This avoids duplication when I go to add the image to the database. Over the last 3 weeks, I've added about 150 images, mostly death certificates. And I've added about 10 more to the queue. And countless census records and marriage records and one or two birth records.

I've made it up to the last few of the Missouri death records, if I could just stop adding more! Still to go,109 death records that encompass New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Washington, and Ontario, Canada.

I've added 134 new people to my database also. The census records include 554 pages and there are 540 marriage records to add. Those are the ones that will take a while to enter. I cringe every time I add a new census. My goal is to be done with the death records by the end of the year. If I start dipping into the marriages - that will be good.

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