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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thriller Thursday - Martha Stanard Bodley

Martha's death certificate is one of those that makes me wonder what happened exactly. Granted, she was 83 at the time, and lots of elderly people die as a result of broken hips. Martha's cause of death reads as "of fractured right hip, accidentally fell while stepping onto curb." Of course, this death certificate doesn't really indicate whether she died from the fall or much later.  And of course, I can't find a newspaper article that relates what happened. 

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  1. What year did this happen? As little as forty years ago the people who had fractured hips were placed in traction in the hospital,and they usually died from pneumonia.

    In this day and age they are taken to the OR as soon as possible and have it repaired the next day.

  2. I hope my eventual death certificate gives a truly bizarre cause of death.