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Monday, December 26, 2011

This is Fun? Yes!

I've been having quite the time of it, entering death certificates in my database. I started off with about 250, added about a dozen, and am currently down to about 56 left. Yes, I am enjoying it. It sounds crazy, but each death certificate has provided me with a little more detail about the people who were already in my database. And then there are the death certificates I found of people who weren't yet in my database. And the marriages I found as a result, and the next generation found because I am paying attention to the detail.

I am always looking for blog topics, and have found a few and discarded them because I don't want to offend the living. For instance, there is a death record for one relative, a second cousin twice removed, that seems fitting for my Thriller Thursday blog, but since this person left behind a couple of children, I don't want to speculate on the circumstances of her death. Maybe someday.

In the meantime, I will continue to enter the information, research a little further if possible, and blog about it if relevant.

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