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Monday, March 12, 2012

Grab It While You Can!

When researching, I often come across what I think might be intermarriages among family members that I didn't expect. For instance, last week I found a marriage between a Carter and a Vivion or Vivian. Well, wayyyyyy back, I have John Vivion and some of my Webbs were named after him - for instance, John Vivion Webb, the father of John Garland Webb was named for his great grandfather,  John Vivion. Of course, I had to take a look and see if there were any common names.

One named that popped up was Flavel Vivion who married Martha Campbell and were the parents of Mary Vivion or Vivian who married Joseph L. Carter. Turns out that Flavel was the son of Flavel Vivion and Franky Collen or Cotten (depending on who wrote the name, I guess.) Flavel Vivion, Sr. was the son of John Vivian and Martha Gholsom. This John Vivian was the son John Vivian and Jane Smith, from whom I descend.

Being the crazy researcher that I am, I went back and grabbed the census and searched a bit for a biography for Flavel (either one) but was sadly disappointed. I shouldn't be surprised at the link since I've come across many of these unexpected connections while researching in Lafayette county, Missouri.

Joseph Carter was a nephew to my great-great-great grandfather, Edwin Carter and a cousin to my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Carter who married John Garland Webb. Joseph Carter and Mary Vivion's daughters were therefore related to both the Carters and the Webbs. Elizabeth Carter and John Garland Webb married and produced my great grandmother, Elizabeth Carter Webb who then turned around and married Frank Bowman. And of course recently I chronicled the marriage of Virginia Carter who married first a Huntsberry, and secondly a Chinn.  I also have Chinns and Webbs who married. It's a hot mess!

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