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Friday, March 16, 2012

A Little Bit Gets Done After All

Today, the easy transfer cable was delivered so that I could transfer files between the old Dell with Windows Vista to the new Dell with Windows 7 - or Red, as I like to refer to her. I transferred 44 gigabytes of mostly images to Red. Older daughter blanched at that. I only had one small problem in that it also must have set the palm check for the touch pad - which I use instead of a mouse. I kill mice, so I prefer to use the touch pad. Installation of a few programs that Easy Transfer reminded me of was simple to do and I feel like I finally accomplished something.

Thus prepared, I opened up RootsMagic 5 and set about once again doing data entry and image linking. Tomorrow is clean up and re-arrange day. One of grandkitties is coming to visit grammy and grampy this weekend, and we are excited to see her!

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  1. And thanks to Carol Bowen Stevens over at for reminding me to install Transcript! I can't live without that program either!