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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Too Too Thursday - New Stuff

Well, my old Gateway lapto computer is finally giving up the ghost! I use it for crafting because it is too slow for anything else. The hard drive is fast filling up on my Dell XPS 1530 laptop, so I decided it was time to spring for a new laptop.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive it today, a Dell Inspiron 14z in Fire Red, and started with the process of loading it up with software and files!

RootsMagic made the transition well, installation was a breeze and the only thing missing are the 15000 + images that are linked in RootsMagic. They'd be on now except the easy transfer cable I ordered is coming from a different location and seems to be stalled in Atlanta, Georgia. Surprisingly it is still scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. One can only hope, because I have a lot of other files to transfer!

It's been a really long and busy day with tomorrow probably just as chaotic.

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