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Monday, January 28, 2013

Missouri Death Records 1962

I expect by the time you read this, the Missouri 1962 Death Records will have all been transcribed. Quite a feat with 49,700+ records. I've noted that not even the people writing the record could follow the directions. Or the stupid mistakes. There is NO Columbia county, Missouri. Columbia is in Boone county, not Columbia. Nor is there a Missouri county. The instructions say City, not City and state, so you shouldn't see something like St. Louis, Missouri.

The worst are the ones involving infants who were either stillborn or died shortly after birth. I hate seeing those, but noted there is no consistency in how they were filled out either. Fortunately, the Missouri State Archives have drop down menus that cover most items. They need a new one for prefix though. I often see Mr. in there, where you would think it isn't needed. In this case, the man's name was Dora, so that qualifying "Mr." would help someone search. He was also known as D. C. and there is no drop down menu for nicknames.

It's a fun project and I can't wait to search it!

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