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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Too-Too Thursday! I Scanned How Many Photos?

I have a project that I will be working on for the rest of the year -- and you will see mention (and photos) of this project over at my alter ego site Generational. This particular project is to do a cover-to-cover scrapbook. Named 2013 Cover 2 Cover by, it is a way to scrap the year through and have a print ready book before Christmas.

Because I have to be different, and the fact that I have 33 years worth of photos waiting to be sorted and scrapped, I thought I would start at the beginning - well 1979 - when my life began with my DH. I scanned just about all our wedding photos - taken by friends and family at our tiny wedding - and selected the best of them (I think) for inclusion in a book.  Sounds like fun!

In the meantime, we've arranged for the fella who built our kitchen cabinets to come in and price out some built in cabinets in the living room and the storeroom/craft room. Which means I need to go in there and clean it up a bit lot! OMG!

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