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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thriller Thursday or Too-Too Thursday

I know the holidays are over, but I am still de-Christmasing my house. And it started last year.

On New Year's eve, we took Mouse for her spay follow-up and vaccination boosters. She took them really well but was really quiet for two days. Yesterday, she was her usual rambunctious self. This morning, she decided she wasn't happy where her food was situated and moved it, mat and all into the middle of the kitchen floor spilling the water in the effort! Since today was grocery day, we picked up a new mat, supposedly NON-SKID! Maybe that will work.

She certainly likes to investigate. One of her favorite places is DH's office. There are lots of hiding places there. She also has a thing for the guest bath.

We are (me) trying a new training method. I'm hoping it will work. I've got double-sided tape on the kitchen counters. She hates it! We are learning the clicker method, and sometimes she responds really well to it.

Unfortunately, she wears me out! I really need to get back to work on my family history!
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  1. Good luck in de-Christmasing your house. I feel like I am still opening my presents. Let me explain. I received "An Early Christmas Gift," and wrote about it in my blog. I've been a member of Geneabloggers for about four months. It was great to share this gift with Geneabloggers. I will be sharing more about it in future blogs. That is why the term de-Christmasing interested me. I will be de-Christmasing my blog for awhile. I hope you won't mind me using this term.