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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun in Fort Wayne, Indiana

DH and I made our first trip up to Fort Wayne in three years on Wednesday. It was so much more fun driving from Michigan - just over 3 hours. The trip from the Cumberland Plateau? Ten hours including stops and nasty traffic in Indianapolis. No wonder I hurt so bad. This is the first "big" trip since my right knee replacement last year. We learned that I can't travel that far in one day. So next time? We'll stop along the way.

Our hotel is okay. Never noticed that there weren't elevators. No problem, since they booked us into a first floor room. With a plumbing problem. So up to the second floor with all our luggage for a fourteen day trip. Bed time couldn't come early enough!

That is day one. More to come, as I try to milk this trip for as many blog posts as possible!

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  1. Stay at Hampton Inn and tell 'em Steve sent ya'! Enjoy. I am due to go to Ft Wayne in 2 weeks, sorry I am gonna miss you folks! You picked a great week weather wise though.