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Monday, September 9, 2013

More Fun in Fort Wayne at the ACPL!

Since I've never been to Salt Lake City, Fort Wayne is my "go to" place for research. I love going there, and I always go prepared with a to-do list.

Some of the items on my to-do list have been there a long time. For instance, there is a book on Will Records of Culpepper county, Virginia that I've wanted to look at for a long time. January 16, 2002 is the day I added it to my list. Every dang time I've gone to the ACPL (Allen County Public Library) it has not been on the shelf. Well, finally, I found it and indeed it proves that Elliott Bohannon is my great-great-great-great-great grandfather! I was never so happy to grab copies for something. 

Then I went in search of a will index for Jackson county, Missouri. I discovered my great-great-great grandfather, Edwin Harvey Carter lived and died in Independence, Missouri. Sure enough, I found the abstract and it mentions my great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Carter Webb. It is just so nice and gratifying to see the connections in print.

Another great find was that I could pull a copy of the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography off the internet and read the letter my great-great-great-great grandfather's brother wrote to an uncle. The brother was Joseph Bowman and the uncle was Isaac Hite, Sr. The postscript mentions Joseph's brother, Abraham Bowman, who just happens to be my great-great-great-great grandfather!

I didn't have a lot on my list, and I didn't find everything, and some were fishing expeditions, but I am really happy with the information that I found.

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