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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vacation Was Fun ... Back to Reality

We had a great time on our vacation. This was the first time we've ever been gone longer than 10-12 days. We left the 4th and came back on the 17th. That was fourteen days on the road. We visited family, friends, more family. We paid visits to a couple of my favorite libraries: Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana - and their great genealogical collection and the Lexington (Kentucky) Public library and their Kentucky room. I pulled about 35 more articles from their newspapers. I'm glad I left some because it looks like we might make a return trip soon. We also visited a cemetery. Actually two cemeteries if you count the one we drove through on the way to a winery/brewery/orchard. It looked pretty interesting, but I didn't have anyone buried there.

We've spent the week since housekeeping, oil-changing, cat humoring, along with dental visits, doctor visits, laundry, etc. Seems like there is always something to catch up on.

I spent some of the weekend trying to organize and transcribe some of the articles I pulled in Lexington. I want to make sure those are off my list before my next visit. I started from the back of the book this time and the oldest items on my to-do list were added to the list in 2004. That's nine years of waiting for me to find them. So, even though I didn't complete the list, I made a hefty dent in the 123 items!

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