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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Me and My DNA

It's been a really busy summer. Daughter & The Man and boy are now in their new home. Getting that all together really took most of the hot, hot summer. Glad its over.

In the middle of August, I sent in DNA samples to Ancestry to test autosomal DNA for my DH and me. My results came back pretty much how I expected: here. Basically, I am 100% European. I have no idea if any of my siblings have had their DNA done, but since there are six of us, I am sure we can have widely varying results. Perhaps one of them got more of the Irish gene than I did!

Most of my hints have been right on in shared ancestors. The reason I say most? Not every one has a tree linked to their DNA and some have locked theirs.

Both my parents have German ancestry. My father's comes from his Bowman line - should read Baumann. My mother's side were Knost, Kettler, Kleesaat, and Meyer. The Zimmeths were Alsatian. My dad was mostly Great Britain with England, Scotland and Wales.

My DNA has been fun. My DH's knocked me for a loop!

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