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Friday, October 30, 2015

DNA - Waiting!

Since my DH's off-the-wall results from Ancestry's DNA test, I decided to test our daughters. While waiting, I am still trying to find any connection at all on my husband's line to his "matches." This is difficult since he has no ancestor matches at all. He does, however, have 165 "fourth cousins or closer." 

Yeah, right. Most of his so-called matches have not associated a tree with their DNA. Others have two or three people in their tree; quite a few have "locked" them; many have basically done a single surname study or done only their male line.

To these people I want to say: "Ancestry's DNA test is autosomal. It's testing both your parents.  If your Jewish Ancestry comes from Europe, check Hitler's 1939 census. It would be nice if you put a place for our notes in our own trees. Such as, "I am adopted, please help!" Or "My parents were left orphans in the Holocaust/WWII, please help me find my ancestors." Or, "Gee, my husband's DNA came out 46% European Jew and I've not found any of this in my research."

The really weird thing? One of my DH's "matches" had a surname in their tree of Klevesas. Dang, that is close to one in my tree - Klevesaat. Also in comparison to his "matches" I only have 114, but I do have 54 ancestor matches, (the little leaf next to a match on the DNA matches page.)

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