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Friday, October 2, 2015

Me and HIS DNA!

So yesterday I mentioned that DH's DNA knocked me for a loop. As you can see, and if you know me and the fact that I have researched all but his mother's father's ancestors, you will see by the 46% European Jewish that I was STUNNED. I'm not saying there was never any Jewish ancestry, but the fact that it got passed down as strongly as it did just blows me away. I'm also saying I have no evidence of this. Oh dear.

With my DNA results I got a lot of EXTREMELY HIGH Confidence level in my matches and lots of hints. NO hints whatsoever, and only a few Extremely High Confidence levels in his matches. The people who do have trees share no surnames and most of his matches do not have any trees linked at all.

MY wonderful DH is an only child, so testing a sibling is out of the question. The cousins that I know of that had their DNA tested had Family Tree DNA, in the form of mTDNA and Y chromosome DNA, so at best they could be inconclusive. He has three cousins on his mother's side and five on his dad's side. What's next? Maybe DNA testing of our daughters to see what Mom & Dad passed down to them.

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