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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Outside Stuff

Last week, we had almost perfect weather. It certainly did not feel like winter at all. DH and I worked outside trying to figure out some gaps between the fence and house (taken care of ), did some planning and leveling to put in a solar lamppost in a planter in our back yard, hubby did some tilling and helped me install a post for the solar lights around our little swing cover (no swing, a glider). We had one day where it hit 84. Saturday was cooler and Sunday it got downright cold (first full day of Spring) and it snowed. Nothing stuck fortunately.

Unfortunately, we use our garage as a staging area, setting up work bench, sawing, drilling and all that great stuff. But hubby shifted enough stuff to get the vehicle in the garage. If the sun comes out again I will get some pictures.

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