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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Inimitable Shirley Percival, Part Deux

I have loved reading all the comments to yesterday's post, and all the comments on my Aunt's Facebook page. It shows how much she will be missed by friends and family.

I think I have some unusual memories of Shirley. First of all, she was a great cook, and so willing to share her recipes. She made great meatloaf, wonderful breakfasts and hamburg soup. The latter was shared with us several years ago. She used ground beef, I cheat and mash up meatballs. It's what we're having for dinner tonight, as I always have soup ingredients handy. And she collected recipes. I remember a long box of mostly handwritten recipe cards.

Speaking of soup, I'm sure anyone peeking in her freezer will find soup. Maybe even soup made from the carcass of a turkey.

When we were little and would visit, I would search out the bathrooms and marvel that their old house on Lakeshore Drive in Holland, had no tubs. They all took showers! Wow. I remember getting a bath once in the kitchen sink. I was really young at the time. Later, they moved to the house on the lake, which they built. We always had great times with the Holland Percivals.

I also worked with her looking for her Dutch ancestors. I learned how to sort of read the records from the Netherlands.

I will miss her emails. She was a great correspondent.

The photos are from our last visit to Holland in 2013. We had a wonderful time!
Sally & Aunt Shirley

Shirley, Sally, John & me

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