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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Genealogy Bank Update

I have a love hate relationship with the new interface of Genealogy Bank. A case in point is the image below.

I was supposed to be able to choose whether I wanted to save as a .PDF or .JPG. It didn't give me the option as it flew by quickly when I tried to clip it.

My other problems stem from the wrong information. This was my grandmother. She did die while the family was on vacation. He was not surveying a location for the municipal waterworks. He was not employed by Fuller-Maitland at this time, that was earlier in his career. At this point, he worked for the City of Detroit and was construction superintendent of the Waterworks Park intake tunnel. He worked for the city from about 1927-28 until he was forced to retire somewhere around 1960. Mrs. Percival is never mentioned by her given name. It was Mary.  The clipping is from the Kansas City (MO) Star on August 14, 1938, p 4 c 1.

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