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Sunday, December 31, 2017

The State of the Family History

2017 is on it's way out and I can't say that I am sorry to see it go. With each new year I look forward to the changes the world offers.

I did have a break-through in my research in 2017. As you all know or have read in my blog, my husband's DNA results really threw us into a whirl when we got the original results from Ancestry in the late summer of 2015. This past summer, I submitted new specimens to 23andMe and that led me to a second cousin that was from a branch of his family we knew nothing about. Of course hubby's late parents aren't around to help with this, so it took some sleuthing to prove it.  His closest new relative does not want to believe the results, but it can't be explained any other way.

My own research is still brick-walled at the second and third great grandparents level. The second great level is on mom's side and the third great on dad's side. Every day, I hope for DNA break-throughs on those lines. The new year will have me pursuing the DNA leads I get more relentlessly.

I hope you were more successful than I was and here is hoping 2018 is better!

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