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Monday, August 13, 2018

Speak To Me! A Bucket List of Those Who Have Gone Before.

One of my friends asked a question on FB about clairvoyance and belief in it. I can be somewhat skeptical, but yes, I think I may be a sensitive. How else do you explain some of the things that I find.

I have a bucket list of people who have passed that I would like to contact me. And they are ...

1. Nathaniel Davidson. He was my great-great-great grandfather and my stopping point on that side. His daughter, Susan (ok, I'd like to hear from her, too) married John Stearns Percival.

2. Dr. John Stearns Percival, the father of the John mentioned above. He died in 1841 and I would really like more info from him. And his first wife.

3. Matilda Fleet Hinton Goodridge. Said first wife of Dr. John Percival. No idea when or why she died. My suspicion is childbirth, because she was young. And that's probably the leading cause of death of women between 1810 and 1822.

4. Wilhelmina Zabrack. Or whatever her last name was. She was the wife of my great-great grandfather, Christian Klesat/Cleasott/Clesott/Klevesaat - I can go on all day about the variations. No idea where they were married or where the children were born. I do know where her husband was born, but no evidence they lived any where near each other. How did they meet?

5. My grandfather, Charles Zimmeth. I would just love to sit and talk to him about it was like when he was a kid, about his first wife (Josephine LaPierre) and his second wife (my grandmother, Luetta Meyer.) Where was he in 1940?

6. Herbert Davidson Percival, M. D.  Why did he desert his wife and where did he really go?

7. One of hubby's aunts. Because she believed she could reach out from beyond.  She also believed in reincarnation.  Just because.

8. My late mother-in-law.  I have some questions for her.

Not that I wouldn't want my own parents to contact me. Every so often I'd really like to talk to both of them. They are always missed. But the rest of the people on my list all have questions I would like answered.

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  1. I have to say that you do find/know the most interesting things. You amaze me!! This post popped up on my FB page today. I haven’t seen any of your blog posts pop up in a long time.