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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Trolling Newspapers! Leo Kruszka

Leon or "Leo" Kruszka was hubby's grandfather. Not that he remembers him because hubby was only 17 months old when Leon died. But there were stories. Such as why he changed his last name to Pear.   But, I digress. I found this the other day on one of my newspaper database subscriptions.

The transcription is as follows:

Youth Stabbed; Assailant Gone

Leo Kruszka, Seventeen Years Old, Encounters Crowd of Ruffians.

Leo Kruszka, 17 years old of No. 25 Sweet avenue, was sent to the Emergency hospital last evening as a result of stab wounds he claimed he had received from a crowd of young men while walking near Lovejoy street and Sweet avenue. The wound which was in the left forearm was not serious.

Kruszka was rather vague when questioned by the police of the William street station, claiming that he was passing a crowd of young men when one of them jumped out and stabbed him. He said he could give no reason for the assault. The police are looking for the assailant, of whom they have a good description.

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