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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Speak To Me! More Bucket List People With Whom I Must Speak.

These next two are pretty obvious, and I don't know why I didn't think of them before.

1. James Percival. Let's face it, he should be number 1 on all my lists. He is my earliest known Percival ancestor. I don't know if he is my first Percival ancestor to cross the Atlantic or the first born in this country. All I know, is he lived on Cape Cod and is my 8 times great grandfather. According to Plimoth Colony records, he stole a boat in Virginia and sailed to Cape Cod. He was ordered to pay a fine of 5 pounds and return the boat. A few years later he was given permission to take up lands in Woods Hole (Falmouth), Massachusetts. I want to know if the stories are true, who his parents were and what it was like to live in a time like that. Oh, I'd also like to know where and exactly when he was born. Just little stuff!

2. Abraham Bowman was my 4 times great grandfather. During the Revolution he took over the Muhlenberg Regiment. He and his brothers surveyed Kentucky and they have a lot of Bowman descendants. Abe moved to Kentucky with his wife and they had at least 7 children. One of my favorite stories was when Lafayette visited the United States and stayed with the Keen(e) family. Mrs. Keen(e) was Mary Bowman, daughter of Abraham and his wife Sarah Henry Bowman. Lafayette also visited with the former Colonel Abraham Bowman. I've found bits and pieces about the family in histories, but to be able to speak to this ancestor and find out what it was like when our country was fighting to become a country from his point of view would be priceless.

Of all of these ancestors from the last three days, the ones I really want to know about are those early immigrants or that one who chose to disappear.

Sometimes I will get a wild idea of something I should check and I never know if it was that ancestor leading me to it or not. I choose the leading me to it option.

When I go to bed at night, I listen for those little hints from the beyond. Do you?

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