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Friday, October 21, 2011

Freaked Out Friday

What a crazy week it has been. DH has been nursing a cold this week and oh joy of joys, he’s shared it with me. I don’t feel like we’ve had a chance to catch up on household chores yet, and don’t feel like doing them anyway. And we need to get out and walk, but these colds and the weather aren’t cooperating.

Older daughter is on a cruise to some place warmer Saturday for a few days and younger daughter is moving to Nashville next week. DH has a birthday coming up and one of my nieces is getting married the first weekend in November. That means another trip up I-75 to Michigan. This will be our third since July. And they have all been really quick trips.

In between laundry, coughing and hacking, I’ve been catching up on data entry a bit. Catching up isn’t quite the word for it, because that will probably never happen! I'm making progress though and that feels good. And while I am doing all that, I'm watching tutorials on my new scrapbooking program. And practicing. Hop on over to Generational for a peek at what I am working on.

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