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Monday, October 17, 2011

Whew -- That Was Exhausting!

The ability to write your blogs in advance and schedule them for posting is a wonderful thing. Really. Wonderful.

Last week, we took what we thought would be a quick trip back to our old home state because our younger daughter was going to have tendon-repair-to-her-left-ankle-surgery and no one was going to keep her Momma away. Well, after the first post-op day, we knew she would need us around an extra day or so, so we did just that - stay an extra day. So really this quick 5 day trip just turned into a week.

Oh and did I mention same daughter will be packing up and moving to Nashville this month? I will be so glad to have her an hour away rather than a day away. So, I haven't really been focusing on the history as much as the family.

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  1. Our daughter lived 6 hours away and it is not spur of the moment visit either. Glad your daughter is moving closer to you.