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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes The Ideas Come Easy

I'm sure all bloggers struggle at times with blog topics. I know I do, especially for my Thriller Thursday blog because most of the juicy stuff has already been blogged! However, when doing this week's Thriller Thursday I was presented with three more subjects and so I have my Thriller Thursday blog set for the next few weeks.

Sometimes the hardest days to post are those days when I have to blog off the top of my head. My head has been in such a whirl over the last month, I sometimes forget what day it is! Older daughter is heading back from her Caribbean cruise, younger daughter has moved to Nashville, but is still waiting for her belongings to join her there and next weekend we all head to Michigan for the wedding of one of my nieces. Then when we get back (hopefully after a couple days in Lexington, Kentucky for some research) we have the annual Art Prowl. Watch for more info on that on my alter-ego page Generational.

It seems to me that I've probably done less research this year than in many a year. I hope that changes soon!

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  1. I think all writers have times when the writing doesn't seem to flow.

    And you certainly have other things to do - my gosh, your kids are quite busy!