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Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey, Indexers, PAY ATTENTION!

 I have been searching the 1900 Census for my step-grandmother, Florence Christie Percival, nee Bush for 10 years. Sometimes, you just can't find them for various reasons. Searching BUSH via Soundex didn't work. I searched for Florence, born in 1893 +/- 5 years, and came up with more than I wanted to search for. I searched for Milton, b 1868 in New York. Her mother's name was Mary, so I skipped her. Finally, today, I decided to search for Lyle, one of her younger brothers. I remember him. The closest I could come was one Lyle Berst, son of Molton and Mary. Sigh. Yep, this was the family, only I read BUSH not Berst, and Milton not Molton. And there was Florence.

Really, whomever transcribed this census didn't do that bad, but the indexer failed. Totally.

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